My name is Inka Vaskimo and I breed miniature schnauzers by the name Audacious that I've been granted in 2008. Audacious is the character of my ideal mini. At my family home our first dog was a German Shepherd called Rinti, but since a teenager it has been quite clear that whenever my very own dog would become timely, it would be of a schnauzer breed. My first two dogs were Giant Schnauzer males, both already grown up when moving in, and sadly I had to let go of both of them precociously. The first black mini came to my life with a wagging tail when Indy came to me to be taken cared of, and eventually she never left. When I started to really gather interest in showing dogs, I encouraged myself to ask for a puppy from Arja Niemijärvi, kennel Backout's. With Arja I have had an exceptional vantage point to a breeder's everyday life with it's ups and downs, and also became active in the Finnish Miniature Schnauzer Club. I am a member of Miniature Schnauzer breed club and some other associations as well as the Finnish Kennel Club. In my breeding I want to emphasize a typical, healthy, naturally breeding, properly coated and adequately moving Miniature Schnauzer. I try to get to go to as many possible lectures and courses about character features and genetics. I find it very important to maintain genetic variation and vitality, and want to contribute to becoming dog generations and the breeding material of becoming breeders.